Our Services:

– Same day assessments
– 1:1 Tailored respite services
– 8 week organic gardening program
– 4 Week create your personalised sensory room

Our Services:

– Accommodation
– Day Service
– Support coordination

Our services:

– Core support

– Life skills

– Group centre activities

– Coordination and others.

We provide support workers that have experience in working with complex trauma and difficult behaviours. We also offer tailored respite services in an outdoor adventure context.

Our Services:

– Intensive Care at Home
– 24/7 Nursing Care
– NDIS Homecare Supports
– Respite Accommodation
– Supported Independent Living Accommodation

Our Services:

– Household tasks
– Personal Care
– Travel and Transport
– Assist Daily Living
– Community Participation
– Development Life Skills

Our Services:

– Complex Wound Care
– Diabetes and Insulin management
– Catheters and incontinence management
– Bowel Management including Stomach Care
– Enteral Feeding
– Assistance with Personal Activities
– Travel and Transport
– Household Tasks
– Community Engagement
– Life skills
– Psychosocial Support and Dementia Care
– Support Coordination

Services Provided:

– Community Access
– Group / Centre Based Activities
– Transport Support
– Household tasks
– Assist Personal Assistance
– Supported Independent Living (SIL)
– Development Life Skills
– Support Coordination

We are Registered Nurses with over 12 years of experience in a wide range of areas in nursing.

– Community nursing
– Mental health support
– All core support
– Support coordination

Ludda Care empowers you to live a happier life, while supporting your independence.

We have capacity to provide range of support services:

1 Community Nursing
2 High intensity support
3 Accommodation and shared living services
4 Respite care services
5 Personal activity support
6 Life Skills development
7 Travel and Transport services
8 Households task assistance
9 Daily tasks and Shared living skill training
10 Group based activities and community participation.

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